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Company profile

GEOCONSULT, spol. s r.o.,a limited liability company, was established on 1 March 1993 as a private independent engineering, design-planning and consultancy company offering services in the area of road infrastructure. Our employees and subcontractors are the guarantee of quality and reliability in all professions necessary for developing full documentation packages. The company is a successor to the business unit Technicko-projektovŠ sprŠva (Technical and Design Administration) of the construction company Doprastav, established in 1958.

GEOCONSULT, spol. s r.o. forms a part of GEOCONSULT Holding ZT GmbH, based in Salzburg, Austria ( Our enterprise builds on cooperation and support from other member companies of the Holding, predominantly GEOCONSULT Wien ZT GmbH and GEOCONSULT Salzburg ZT GmbH, which have many years of experience mainly in underground engineering.

We provide services concerning the preparation of comprehensive road engineering documentation packages, including surveys, geodetic studies, expert opinions and final opinions on products. To be able to provide such an extensive portfolio of activities, we employ professionals in the field of engineering of roads and motorways, bridges and constructions, tunnels, geotechnical constructions, water management constructions, utility relocations, environment, engineering geology and geodesy. Together with our trusted subcontractors, we form a team standing for high professionalism and reliability.