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Motorway D1 (D61) Horna Streda - Nove Mesto nad Vahom

Motorway D1 (former designation number D61) starts at the junction "Horná Streda". The motorway route transverses the alluvial flatlands of the river Váh with a plain landscape profile.
The II/507 road connection to the highway is conducted via the grade-separated intersection Lúka. This section of the motorway D1 ends at the grade-separated intersection Rakoľuby.
The vertical alignment of the motorway reflects the flooding level development of the river Váh and concurrently forms its left embankment. The motorway construction project comprises also a full array of protective measures against flooding from all tributaries of the river.
The motorway D1 also includes left and right roadside rest area Hrádok with all servicing facilities and a water treatment plant the capacity of which is designed to serve also the nearby villages of Hôrka and Hrádok.
Motorway category D 26.5/120
Motorway section length 14,008 m
No of Bridges - 16 1,145 m
Noise barrier walls 746 m
Brook adjustments 7,957 m
Rain drainage 14,768 m

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