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Motorway D3 Skalite - Slovak Republic - Polish Republic national border

This motorway section has immense importance from the perspective of connecting Slovakia with the D3 motorway via Poland to northern territories. Construction of this D3 motorway section will improve living conditions in the villages of Skalité, Čierne and Svrčinovec while facilitating conditions for development of tourism in the region.
The directional and vertical routing of the motorway is adjusted in maximum extent possible to geological conditions anticipated with respect to the route itself, which has also been coordinated in the border territory with the Polish partners. The border crossing has been set out in a governmental resolution.
Motorway category D 26.5/2/100
Motorway section length 3,175 m
No of bridges - 5 1,398 m
No of walls - 5 664 m
Junction with branching 1,242 m
Rain drainage 1,162 m
Noise barrier walls 1,345 m

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