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Motorway D3 Zilina (Strazov) - Zilina (Brodno)

The motorway starts at the end point of the D3 motorway section (previously D18) Hričovské Podhradie - Žilina (Strážov) and at the start point of the D3 motorway Žilina (Brodno) - Kysucké Nové Mesto.
In the beginning of the section the motorway overpasses the road I/18, railway track Bratislava - Žilina, fishpond, dam Hričov, road II/507 and enters the tunnel Považský Chlmec. From the east tunnel portal the motorway connects via a bridge over the road III/50757 an the river Kysuca to the road I/11 of S 24.5/100 category.
The interconnection with the road network is via grade-separated junctions Žilina - West and Žilina - North. The motorway is located in the both outer and inner areas of villages Žilinská Lehota, Strážov, Považský Chlmec a Budatin.
Motorway category D 24.5/80
Tunnel category T 8.0
Motorway section length 4,250 m
North tunnel conduit 2,252 m
South tunnel conduit 2,189 m
No of Bridges - 2 1,933 m
Noise barrier walls 1,110 m
Brook adjustments 237 m
Rain drainage 791 m

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