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Motorway D1 Nove Mesto nad Vahom - Chocholna

Motorway D1 (former designation number D61) starts at the intersection Rakoľuby. Then section ends with connection to the D1 (D61) motorway section Chocholná - Skala.
At the point of intersection with 1st and 2nd class roads, grade separated junctions Chocholná and Velčice are built providing also for interconnection of the motorway and the adjacent road network.
This motorway section also includes left and right roadside rest area Beckov with all servicing facilities and enviromental constructions serving also nearby villages Beckov and Kostolná.
The vertical routing, which reflects the efforts to minimise groundwork and to optimise permanent occupancy of farmland, implied relocation of the brook Chocholná and adjustment of the Rybnický potok brook.
Motorway category D 26.5/120
Motorway section length 15,268 m
No of Bridges - 20 1,535 m
Noise barrier walls 3,245 m
Brook adjustments 1,244 m
Rain drainage 21,475 m

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